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QUESTION: I purchased an unfinished pine armoire for my bedroom.  The colors in my room: walls (light tan), floors (dark hard wood with an area rug that has colors of brown, all shades, and blues from light blue to turquise to darker grayish blue), comforter (popular color scheme of dk. brown and blue) furniture (currently black and somewhat modern, but eventually I would like to get a chocolate brown set).  I would like to refinish the armoire in a color with the "worn" look.  I was thinking one of the shades of blue, but my husband was concerned with the black furniture.  I am hoping you could offer some suggestions to a paint color or alternate ideas all together.

Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Hi Lindsay,

Thanks for writing me and for your question.

If you are looking for a worn or distressed look, you may want to use a complementary color (as the base) to your current black furnishings.  From your description of the area rug and your desire for chocolate brown later on, consider using the turquoise.  After you paint it, allow it to dry then use a small grit sand paper and rough the edges of the piece.  Wipe it with a clean cloth and you'll be in beautiful shape.

Hope this helps you!  

Best wishes,
Jennifer Taylor Wojcik, Author
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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I am slightly confused by the first sentence.  The part (as the base) threw me off.  When paiting the armoire, is turquoise supposed to be the base color and then an additional color goes over that?  Is black supposed to be the base color and then turquoise over that so the black comes through after using the sand paper?

Sorry for my confusing...I'm new to the decorating scene (First house!)


Hi Lindsay,

Having re-read the sentence, it confused me too!  (LOL)  Using a base coat of white or even a tinted base coat of the turquoise is best when painting unfinished furniture.  That equals two coats, so when you lightly sand the surface  (after the final coat is completely dried) what will show through is either white or the tinted base coat.  

Sorry for confusing you.  Sometimes my mind goes faster than my fingers!


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