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You just answered the question for me about an accent color and a "pop" color for my black and grey living room...thanks again! You mentioned that I seem to like clean lines, and I do, but unfortunatley for me I like EVERYTHING so I plan on doing our master bedroom in a bed and breakfast sort of look. We went to one last year and it was filled with antiques and a quilt (not patchwork, ick) and was very cozy. My question is, is there a rule to follow that draws the line between cozy antique retreat and old lady's house? We are doing medium/dark sage green walls, wood floors, a walnut (huge but not ornate) sleigh bed, and an antique secretary desk. The quilt is not patchwork but is a mix of greens, whites, ecrues, and the flowers are light pink all the way to deep red. Oh and we have deep red sheets to match (I did not want it too girly for him). So what guidelines can I follow so it doesnt turn into Granny's house? Thanks, I know this is a hard one :-)

ANSWER: hi again,

Not a tough one at all.  Here's "the" key to keeping it from being Grannyish; purchase an all weather weight WHITE comforter.  Use that as your main bed cover, using the quilt that you mention folded across the end of the bed.  That will pull in the color from the quilt, will highlight the sheets - I'd leave the pillows exposed OR turn down the comforter so that the sheets show at the top - and give you a fluffy, welcoming B&B feeling.  The wood will shine on its own; the sleigh bed is an exceptionally good idea, and by following these simple tricks, you will achieve the look you want.  

hope this helps you.

Regards again,

Jennifer Taylor Wojcik, Author
"From Day One"

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The Tempest
The Tempest  
QUESTION: GREAT Idea! Thanks I have seen that and it looks fabulous, nice and clean and cozy and it wont wear out my quilt! How about pictures or things on the wall? I cannot use contemporary pictures and do not want florals, do they necessairly have to match? I have attached an image of a large picture I would like to use but the colors are not green, rose, dark red, etc of the rest of the room, can this be done or is this a no no? I hate matchy-matchy but things need to coordinate too. I also have a collection of criss stitch I did over the years but again, afraid of the granny look. I am so sorry to be a pain and if I am askign too many questions just ignore me, I will understand.


"The Tempest" is a classic piece of art reproduction, and can work in the bedroom.  While it wouldn't be my first choice, I think using it will coordinate with the multi-colors in the quilt.  I'd reframe or frame it in a similar wood tone to the furniture.

Just remember this:  If you love it, it will work.


Jennifer Taylor Wojcik, Author
"From Day One"

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