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Rubye\'s stove top
Rubye's stove top  
I'm attaching a photo of the part of my kitchen where my stovetop & grill are located. It's difficult to keep the underside and front of the cabinets clean, as the underside isn't finished and has lights attached. I will remove the built-in toaster making a smooth back wall. The cabinets and the existing backsplash are gray laminate. I use the Jen-Air downdraft exhaust. The run of the four cabinets are 72 3/16" wide and the depth of the upper cabinets are 12" including the doors. I had planned to have a very simple box rectangular hood and backsplash made of brushed stainless steel manufactured for me, but am having problems with the design. One problem is the cabinet doors are about 1/8" lower than the bottom of the cabinets and I don't know what to do there. The metalsmith suggests I end the hood behind the doors, but the front of the cabinets do get soiled with the steam from the stove, even with the downdraft exhaust. The base cabinets are 32" high & the upper cabinets are shorter, giving 27" between the bottom of the upper cabinets & the stove top surface. As you can see, my style is very contemporary. All appliances & the sink are stainless steel. The floor is a light gray "pillow" ceramic tile. The backsplash behind the sink is a mix of a slightly patterned ceramic tile and the corian. The countertops are a dark gray corian. Do you have any ideas for my new hood and backsplash that would be crisp and functional? I have lights that I'll attach under the hood. I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

Hi Rubye,

Thank you for writing to me with your question.  

Having had a Jenn-aire downdraft stove in the past, I understand your concerns.  It appears to me that you have a couple of choices; one is to "line" the bottom of your cabinets with stainless steel (allowing holes to be cut for the lights), which most sellers/distributors of stainless steel could make for you.  The second, and probably the best option here is to purchase a ready-made stainless steel hood, complete with lights and run that vent to tie into the existing downdraft.  That means sacrificing your upper two cabinets, but a) it would work best and b) you're really only giving up 12 inches of depth times two cabinets.  

Check with Sears (who carry Jenn-aire appliances and service them as well) for their input before making your final decision.  

Here's the bottom line - you either have to have a top vent for steam OR you will damage and ultimately have to replace that cabinetry anyway.

Sorry it isn't better news for you.  Give the folks at Jenn-aire the situation and let them help you solve it!


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