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Hi Jennifer. I have a couple of questions. The first one is regarding decorating different rooms. I have an older home (built in 1902). There are 4 rooms downstairs that include a kitchen/dining area, living room, bedroom, and a room leading from the living room to the dining room. This room also has the bathroom, laundry room,a window, and a door to the outside mud room. I am not very good with decorating I have found and have went with a neutral beige color throughout. In my living room, I have dark brown leather furniture. beige carpet. and dark wood. The walls are a light beige. In my kitchen and foyer, I have oak laminate flooring and the same color paint. Kitchen cabinets and all trim are medium oak and I have an old country roses theme (Royal Doulton china). So my question is....I would love to have a seating area in the room leading to the dining area. I dont even know what to call this room. I would love to use some coastal colors and seascape art and some blues but it seems like it would completely clash with the rest of my home. I also love teal. I have made so many decorating mistakes that I am reluctant. My second question is, how much does it cost on the average to have an interior designer consult? I have spent a lot of money making my home look hideous and would love for someone to come in and help. Sorry to take so much time. I appreciate any help you can offer. Have a great day!

Hi Sherry,

Thanks for selecting me to answer your questions.  

Let me take the last question first and say that rates for consultations vary greatly by area of the country. My best suggestion is to first ask some of your friends if they have used decorators or designers and get a recommendation.  If that isn't feasible, then call a couple of decorators in your area and get a quote.  It costs nothing to get a quote for a consult, and you may encounter someone you really click with.  Another avenue is to ask a furniture store to recommend a decorator.  They usually have a few they use to put their "rooms" together.  

Now for your downstairs rooms, you have kept the wall color the same, which is fine.  What I would recommend to you is that in dealing with the beige and the dark brown furniture, I would add some teal in that room.  That would be a great pairing.  Once you've added the teal in there, it makes perfect sense to carry it through to adjacent rooms.  You can select lighter or darker teal for the adjoining rooms, but keep it in the same color family.  Also pull in the darker brown in areas where the wood tone is lighter (kitchen, foyer etc.).  That visually connects the spaces.  If you keep repeating the same basic colors #dark brown, teal# from room to room, it gives a more pulled together look.  That doesn't mean you cannot pull in some other coastal colors, but be careful in selecting blues and blue greens that look good together.  

Lastly, try adding a dark brown area rug or runner to your foyer.  Keep wood tones darker where you have the laminate flooring for a more substantial color base, and add touches of "rose" to all the spaces to tie in the Royal Doulton china.  

Hope this helps!

Jennifer Taylor Wojcik, Author
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