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In sept 2012 my daughter is getting married,
the hall is actually an old revamped barn from the 1800's

its a do it yourself wedding whereas she rented JUST the hall (barn) and we have to do eveyrthing else. its a beautiful place but our (her) one problem is one HUGE all white wall which will be behind the buffet table -

at the top of the "wall" is where the two stair cases meet at come up from the sides - we are looking for some simple decoration ideas that we could use on this wall -
there are of course certain rules - we can not nail anythign in - we could hang things that drape down from the spindles at the top.

the wall is probably 20 feet (or more high) and Id have to say anout 30 fee wide.

there will be activity behind the buffet table (obviously) the staff serving but there is several feel clearance - and whatever we use does NOT have to come all the way down the wall.

I found some "kissing balls" and cute wreaths at Michaels crafts (out new favorite place) but she didnt like those - and to make it even easier (LOL) she really doesnt have a Theme so to speak

Her colors are Olive gree - and (probably egg plant) and in general the deco we are using (tbale decorations etc etc) are simple - if there are ANY ideas you might be able to share I would greatly appreciate it ...

Much Thanks



If there was a way I could send you a picture - that might help
but I see I can not attach anything on this site.

Hi Nina,

Thanks for presenting a challenging question!  I must say, after 3500 plus questions, I've never gotten one quite so unique.  

Here are my thoughts.  Since you don't have her wedding "theme" per se, let's just stick to basics like bride and groom. One thought would be to use the white wall as a projection screen and project black and white photos of each of them from an early age to present day.  #Keeping them all black and white is critical to pull it off well.#  OR, the less expensive alternative is to create a very large "photo" of the two of them #again, use black and white photography or even sepiatone# of their engagement photo.  This can be done through your local Federal Express Store who create all my signage for my book tours and shows.  They can quote you in a variety of circumstances and sizes.  

I typically have my signage done on foam core #lightweight# and have them insert grommets across the top so that I can use simple string or wire to attach #drape# the signage without creating any holes.  You could do the same.

If you dislike these ideas, use a large cloth backdrop in her chosen colors and suspend white paper lanterns in varying heights.

Hope these ideas make your role easier.


Jennifer Taylor Wojcik, Author
"From Day One"

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