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My husband just bought a set of huge leather recliner chairs, 3 seater and 2 single seater. Our tv room is about 5m by 5m. 2 opposite side wall are sliding glass doors, one lead into patio and the other separate the room with our living room. Thus we can only place the set against adjacent wall opposite the tv in a row. But because of the massive size 1 single seater has to be place against one of the sliding glass door Which then obstruct entrance to the patio. looking from the family room through the other glass door the leather sofa just look gigantic compare to our existing sofa in the family room.
How can i accessorize the room and recliners so as not to focus the attention on the recliners too much.
The recliners are latter in color, carpet is taupe and curtains are dark brown.
Not only do the leather recliners make the room small, but they just overwhelmed the room. How do I soften the look and coordinate the space so that the room doesn't look as if it is from another planet compared to the rest of the room in the house? Please advice.

Hi Diana,

Thanks for selecting me to respond to your question.  It's a good one, and one that many women (more than men) ask.  

First, let me say there is no simple answer here.  Since you have the furniture and you want to use all the pieces in the available space, your best option is to leave the 3 seater against the wall.  I would try putting the 2 singles at an angle to the 3 seater, perhaps even angled toward each other.  If you can avoid the right angle, you'll be happier.  

Lining the furniture up in a row exaggerates the size and makes that the focal point.  Other than moving one or more of the pieces out of the room, your options are limited.  

You mention a living room and this room.  Could you "mix" the furniture between the two spaces?
If nothing else, I'd opt for one of the recliners to go into the living room.  If you have a visual connection between the two, this may be your best option.  Then coordinate the two spaces with color.

I see from the photo you added a red pillow; that's good.  Red draws the eye toward that color.  Incorporating more red in the space will give your eye somewhere to go other than to the massive furniture.  

I never recommend blocking an entrance, particularly a glass door, but if you can angle the furniture, you may be able to accomplish both function and flow.  Without seeing the actual space, it's difficult to say.

Hope this helps you.  While I don't want to discourage you, it's a tough situation to deal with.  All too often we purchase for comfort rather than space, and that seems to be what your situation is.

Write a follow up if you have additional comments or questions.   


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