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QUESTION: Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for taking my question.  I'm at a loss on how to decorate my bedroom.  I don't know what color to paint the walls, the color of drapes and bed spread to use.  I have attached a couple of photos of the master bedroom, bath and ceiling.  There is a picture window in the room. My carpeting is the color of Chamois. The walls are painted with Benjamin Moore paint #1037.  I would appreciate any advice you can give me including accessories.  I need an updated look.

ANSWER: Good Morning Anne,

Thanks for writing me with your questions regarding your master bedroom.

First, the wall color doesn't bother me - I think it's a good neutral tone and can certainly remain that color if you like it.  You can achieve an updated look for the space by changing your accessories.  

It appears that you like a casual, perhaps even modern country style based on your current selections.  What would stay in that genre, as well as update the look of the room is to get a bolder color palette for the bed.  You can do this by using a bold COLOR for the bedding, rather than a bold print.  If you want to keep the draperies in the space, then look for a duvet cover/bedskirt combination that incorporates that exact shade of green.  My recommendation is to look for solids rather than prints for the duvet and bedskirt, then add some either geometric prints, bold squares or even stripes as a throw and pillows.  That will "ground" the eye when it automatically goes to the bed.  Those throws/pillows/etc. can be changed with the seasons very inexpensively.  

I'm going to recommend that you add a larger table lamp as well; something you could actually read by.

By following these steps, you'll have a more dynamic space to call your bedroom and I think you'll be pleased with the results.  Your decor is good as it is, but this will make it better.  After all, we all want that wow factor in our bedrooms.

Best regards,

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QUESTION: Jennifer,

Thank you so much for all of your advice.  I can't wait to get started.  If this was your room, what solid color would you use for the duvet and bedskirt? Also, what style of curtains? Would country curtains be ok?  The drapes are olive green right now and I don't like them.  What would you hang on the wall behind the bed?  I am tired of looking at what I have now.  Once again, thank you.  I appreciate your help.

Anne  :-)

Hi Anne,

Thanks for the kind words and the rating.  I appreciate it.  

The country style has changed over the years and is, in my opinion, a "leaner" version of its original self.  It's gone from small flowers and tiny flour sack prints to a bolder block pattern; an exaggerated quilt if you will.  

I get that you're tired of what you have - it happens to me all the time.  Here are some suggestions.  Consider a chocolate brown drapery and add to that some fun, country tie backs.  They could be in a beautiful turquoise blue or even a pattern.  I'd do a chocolate brown bed skirt and top it with a white, all-weather weight down (or fake down) comforter (without a duvet for summer).  To that, you could use the same color as your tie backs in the form of a throw over the bottom 1/3 of the bed.  That makes your basic color scheme teal, brown and white and to that you can add another color or two in patterned or floral fabrics.  

As for over the bed, consider using a beautiful quilt and hang it as close to the ceiling as possible, letting it billow down behind the headboard.  If you don't want to do that, you could use a fabric drape, a single large framed print, or a large framed mirror which would pull in light.  

Use those special country touches in purposeful ways and your space will be outstanding.


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