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Hello Jennifer,

I am in the process of decluttering 30 years worth of collecting stuff. I have a contemporary 2-bedroom condo now with tan walls and beige carpeting but my stuff is a mishmash of various trends over the years. I have Southwest style couch and love seat, acrylic coffee table, two large Bateman nature prints on the wall, a 4 ft black vase with an Asian design, some animal print accessories, art deco furnishings in the bedroom with white plaster angels and a Victorian style tapestry, and kitschy 'frozen moments' sculptures in the kitchen among the decorative jars of colored beans and peppers in oil. I have a few vintage pieces (table and desk) from family and I'm also to inherit a very traditional china cabinet full of Royal Doulton ladies.

My question is, how do I go about making my space looking more put together, so it all flows nicely and is more updated? I am open to deleting some trends.  lol

Thank you Jennifer!


Hi Angie,

Wow, what a loaded question!  Thanks for choosing me from the All Experts team to answer it.  

Once your decluttering is done (and that is a monumental achievement!) take stock of what you truly LOVE and want to display.  Then either part with or store away the things that you do not want to include in your everyday surroundings.  

You have eclectic tastes for sure, and my best suggestion is to try and "group" like things together for a more coordinated look.  For instance, your traditional china cabinet and Royal Doulton ladies would pair well with your vintage table and desk.  

You may consider moving the animal print accessories to the bedroom as well as the Asian inspired vase.  You can pull that room together by using solid bed linens rather than the tapestry.  

Grouping things, and eliminating a mish mash of color will work well for you.  Color alone can make even 'unlike' things appear to fit.  Keep your color palette consistent within a room, and try to carry at least one color from room A to room B.  

Kitsch doesn't bode well for a space looking put together, and kitsch doesn't flow nicely, so I'd either store it or donate it.  

The kitchen mix of oils and peppers is fine, but remember, less IS more on kitchen counters.  My rule is clutter free makes me feel light and free.  Try it for a while and see if you don't feel freer.  

Hope this helps.  


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