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QUESTION: What color can I paint this room where the fireplace is to tie in with all the other rooms? I plan to keep existing furnishings! The walls are SWMingRed and the ceiling is an amber tone and the floors a whitish beige very neutral ceramic tile. I had thought of going yellow but don't know if that is the right direction with the ceiling tones. Pics attached.

ANSWER: Good Morning Gina,

Thank you for selecting me to answer your question.  Thanks also for the photographs; they make answering so much less complex when we can see your surroundings.  

I can't recommend yellow, only because there is a strong yellow tone in the wood and my fear is that it would be too "same" for your tastes.  Because you have red and black (which are beautiful by the way) I would opt for a taupe or a khaki shade in a medium tone for the walls.  My favorite is Glidden's Toasty Grey and I have literally put it in every home I have any say about because it is by far the nicest neutral I have ever found.  It is "brown" enough to coordinate with your wood tone and flooring color, and it is an excellent backdrop with reds and blacks.  It's available at Glidden Paint Stores across the country and also in Home Depot.  Check it out.  

You have a beautiful home and I think painting it will enliven the space even more.  The only other suggestion I would interject is to add some "white" to the space - accents, pillows, lampshades etc. - to give your eye a peaceful place to rest and to coordinate with your beautiful fireplace.  


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so many walls  

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dining area  
QUESTION: Being this is a beach house, oceanfront so is there any other color you would recommend using? I think toasty grey is pretty but trying to lighten up the area without redoing all walls beachy colors. Are greens & blues not a color that would also work next to red since I am definitrely keeping kitchen area in pic red? Any yellow that could work with that ceiling? Just don't know which one!

Greens would work better than blue since red/green are color opposites on the color wheel.  If you opt for a green, consider what used to be called "sea foam" green; it has less yellow in it and more red.  

If you want yellow, pull the shade of the paint from your golden colored chair.

Hope this helps.


PS:  Having a home on the beach and a golden oak kitchen/floors, I found Toasty Grey to be a beautiful combination.

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