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I currently have a long narrow living room roughly 16' by 11'. This room, while it could use another foot or two of depth, works perfectly for me right now. It has a huge fireplace on the far end with the mantle going wall to wall. This is where I keep my "library", with books on either side of the mantle, and bookcases in each corner underneath. I decorated it beautifully and it's my favorite part of the apartment.
We recently bought a small 1921 house however and we will be moving in 2 weeks. The living room has the exact same dimensions, but there are some differences. The fireplace is on the large wall opposite where the couch would go, and the windows are on the short wall, the reverse of what there is now. We are planning to put the loveseat under the windows. But this leaves the issue of where the bookcases will go, and where to put the TV so it's not in the way. The obvious choice with the books seems to be to have them flanking the fireplace again. My husband wants to mount the tv on the wall to the side of the fireplace (above is too high, and I'd rather put a painting there) but I'm not sure where if that's where the books will go. I'd like for the living room to look like a grand library with a TV in it, or at least have a dedicated book space. But we're limited because the opposite end of the room consists mostly of wide doorways. How should we lay this out?

Here's a photo.


Thank you for writing me at All Experts.  

If I am understanding correctly, the photo you sent is the "new" space.  That's my assumption in responding as follows:

One option is to pull the love seat forward (toward the fireplace) and place the sofa directly across from it (facing the windows/door).  That would give you room on the wall where the sofa is now to put your library.  If that's too tight, then flanking the fireplace is the best solution and put a media cabinet (to match your bookshelves) on the end of the 16 foot wall.  A media cabinet - purchased to match your library shelves - will add charm whereas attaching the television to the wall will be too busy.  Plus, if the house was built in 1921, its walls may not structurally support the weight of the brackets for mounting the television on the wall.  

The last option that I could suggest is that you consider putting the television under the windows (again, in/on a console table) and putting the love seat at a right angle to the sofa on the opposite end.  

Hope this didn't muddle the water for you -- hope it helped.  

Best of luck in your new space.

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