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Hi there...I'm hoping you can help me.  I planned on painting my baby's room white and pink.  White on top and pink on the bottom seperated by a trim.  When I started to really look at where the split would go in the room I noticed that my window sills are lower than average (so they sit well below the 1/2 mark on the wall).  So my questions is if i use the Window Sill as the line do you think it will look strange or vise versa.  If i split the wall at the 1/2 mark will it look strange above the Window sill.  Just wondering if you have ever seen this and what is the best way to go??  I appreciate any input you could give.

Hi Mindy,

Thanks for writing me at AllExperts.  

While there isn't a hard rule on this, I would recommend that you use the windowsill as the point to place the chair rail.  Here's why.  It's a baby's room first and foremost, and her line of sight is quite different than ours.  Secondly, having the bulk of the room in white will make it light and airy.  And last but certainly not least, this gives you a world of opportunity to accent the space with wall decor etc.  

If you sketch it out on paper, color it with colored pencils and then do it the opposite way, I think you'll agree.  

Hope this helps with your decision.


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