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We have a very large wall in our living room; 16' feet wide; 9' high on left side; 15' high on right side.  We have a couch in front of the wall with various tables, cushions and pillows.  What is the best way to decorate a wall that size.  we are thinking of having a picture enlarged #on canvas# but not sure how big we should/could go.  Any ideas?

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for selecting me as your expert.  Great question!  My suggestion is to play to the height of the room by enlarging your picture to a size that will "comfortably" hang at your eye level on the tallest part of the wall, i.e., to one side of the couch.  If you want to create a collage, feel free to do so by adding smaller, similarly framed pieces on the 9 foot side of the wall behind the couch.  

The other option is to hang the enlarged art on the 9 foot section, place a substantial vase and grasses or sticks on the end of the couch that "points up" to the tallest part of the ceiling.  Again, enlarging means that the art would be above the couch at least a few inches so that it is in your sight line.  The actual size will depend on where you put the art and whether it is a horizontal or vertical piece.  My recommendation is vertical, allowing you to reproduce the piece in a smaller size than if it were horizontal.

Hope this helps.  Without seeing the art and the wall, giving you exact sizes is impossible.


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