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Shower curtain
Shower curtain  
I am redoing my daughter's bath (she is 16) but it will also be a toilet for guests.
I am doing it in the spirit of the TV show Big Bang Theory. If you haven't seen it, everything is done in bright, primary colors. Their bathroom has a shower curtain that has a huge graphic of the periodic table of elements on it, which I found online and bought.
I already have towels in Fuscia, lemon yellow, bright orange, lime green, sea blue and medium teal.
The sink and tub are white but the floor is a sort of marbled color in a darkish ecru,  so that's difficult.
I need to leave the floor as is, but plan on putting down 2 large bath rugs to help draw the eye away from the tile color. One I already have  in the medium teal, as are the bath extras, i.e., soap dispenser, q-tip holder, etc. So I don't want to do too much more of that color .
I have to strip off old wallpaper and redo much of the drywall so any color I paint will be just as easy as another, and that is my question.
I want all these colors to be in equal proportions to each other (well I am not crazy about yellow and orange) so I am not sure what color to paint the walls. I keep thinking white but since the bath, toilet, light, sink and hanging shelving is already white that is just too much, especially since the background of the shower curtain is white and the ecru floor really stands out with everything else white.
What color, for a small bath would you suggest for the walls? I am hoping for a color that will not dominate, but will show up. White is too light and I was thinking yellow but I can only stand lemon yellow and that will look bad with the tile floor color (unless you think two big bath rugs will cover it enough (cover say 75% of it).
I really am stuck here. Thanks for any help you can give.
Oh I attached a photo of the curtain, but that's the TV show's bathroom, not mine.. On the show they painted the walls cream. Blah.
Thank you so much for any help you can give me. I am usually competent at this sort of thing but I need an expert for this one!

To give the walls some depth (of color) and to make the most of the ecru floor that won't change, I'd suggest you use taupe for the walls.  My favorite is made by Glidden and is available at Glidden Stores or Home Depot.  The color name is "Toasty Grey" and it is a true taupe.  It will be the perfect backdrop for the vivid colors that are going on in the space.

Thanks for writing me with your question@

Happy painting.


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