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Hi Rachel, I would like to change the tiles in my fireplace. I would like to know what colors would look nice and what would be some nice tile options? I have attached and image of the fireplace. Thank you!

Hi Elsa!

Thank you so much for your question. With such a neutral background, your possibilities are endless. It looks from your photos as though the rest of the room is fairly neutral as well, and I picked up some blues in the rug, correct?

With that in mind, and such a modern piece, there are two directions you can take. You can play it down and go for a more serene contemporary feeling with a charcoal grey matte finished tile, like the one here .

Another option would be to bring cool and warm into the finish with something like this or this.

Whatever you choose, I would ensure that you hire an installer who is fully aware of the rating of materials used for a fireplace surround. The images I linked are purely for aesthetics and I would have to check those fire ratings to ensure their safe installation.

Have fun, you really can do just about anything with this one, keeping in mind that if you decide on a bright orange tile (which would also look amazing), that may make selling the home tricky in the future.

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