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Hi Rachel,
I converted a bonus room into my daughter's bedroom but unfortunately, it does not have a closet. Now that my daughter is getting older, I feel that it is time to add a closet in her bedroom but there are only two options(1.where her bookcase and t.v.are placed, 2.behind the door next to her bed) I am very confused and need your help in deciding what is the best option for this closet. I have attached some pictures for a better idea. Thank you!!

Hi Elsa,

I'll do my best here, but this is a very difficult question to answer well without seeing the space in person, knowing the dimensions of the room, or the dimensions of the closet.

If I am understanding correctly, you are looking to add a movable closet (a piece of furniture) to the room and are unsure as to the best location.

Based on the images alone, I am leaning toward option 1. The reason for this is because any time you place a large piece of furniture behind a door, there is the possibility of interrupting the door swing and crowding a space unnecessarily.

If this were a home of a client, I would measure the space as well as each item within the space, and draw out the options, to scale, to ensure an accurate fit. This is always an option for you as well!

I hope this helped, and best of luck with the decision! It's a very cute room.

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