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QUESTION: Hi Jennifer,

Question:  I have open floor plan kitchen, eating area, den w/fp. Over eating area, 2' in dia. colored stained glass ceiling fixture (about 100 yrs. old).  Probably needs at least a 48" table and chairs that are high back.  In the den area is a couch facing the fp, and about 10' from where the dining table needs to be is a 40" round glass top ship's wheel coffee table placed in front of the couch.  Can I use a 46-48" round table in dining area, or will two rounds - 10' apart look silly?  Would a sq. dining table be better, although I just feel like the round is so much nicer with the ceiling fixture.  I also have 4 antique windsor arm chairs I coud use.  Kitchen cabinets are raised panel (medium color) knotty pine.  Clear pine table may work.  Your expert opinion would really help me so much.



ANSWER: Good Day Norma,
Thanks for writing and for your question.  

Quite frankly, the use of two rounds is a great idea.  Not only does it provide continuity to the adjoining spaces, it is also the most practical and user friendly option.  (Round dining tables are much more intimate.)

Take a look at 60" round for the dining space.  That may be too large and/or difficult to find, but it may create a better scale in the room.  (Compare the two by creating a circle out of newspaper or tissue paper to get a feel for the sizes, remembering to account for the space around the table that your chairs will occupy.)

Good luck with your project.  


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks so much for helping me make the decision re: dining table, round it will be.

One other question:  I have a sq. window in my guest bathroom.  Measures 35"W x 41"H to the window sill, measurement does not include sill skirt.  Bottom half of window is covered with 19" faux wood shutter, 2 1/2" slats.  Above are exposed 6 glass panels, approx 14" top to window middle, where lower sash begins..  I want to put up a white wood cornice and feel that it should be at least 10"H, so that it can go above window frame at least 4" and still cover window frame, but keep the 6 panes of glass exposed.  What do you think?  My husband will build for me this weekend, so I am anxious to know if size of cornice is good.

Thanks for all your expertise.  Sometimes when you don't have the talent, you just hope you're doing the right thing before making a costly mistake.
We already bought a 8" wide board, but I feel we can use this for something else.

ANSWER: Hello again,

For the cornice, I would suggest you consider making it "long" enough to go almost to the ceiling (assuming a standard room height) which will make the window "appear" larger vertically.  Covering the dead space above the window allows you to make a square window appear as a rectangular one, adding visual height to the space.  Usually, bathrooms need all the added space - visual or otherwise - you can give them.

If you opt not to do this, then yes, I would leave the 6 panels open for light.  

Lucky you, having a hubby who can/will do these projects!  Kudos!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Jennifer,  Could not email or open emails for three days.  Suddenly it started working again.  Hubby & I will probably end up divorce over the bathroom window & the kitchen table.  Getting feedback from him is not easy, I take deep breaths.  I decided to leave valance at 10"H, 4" over window frame and 6" below.  The shutter is only 19" high. I don't want to make it appear dwarfed.

I'm going to explore a 60" round table, I know this will enhance the antq. chandelier beautifully, but I don't think I'll be able to use the Windsor chairs, unless I place them catty-corner.  This is my space:  table will sit between two sets of french doors each totaling 60", the wall  opening in the middle of the doors is approx. 54".  If I use 60" table, the walk area on the other side of the table will be less than 6'.  Do you think I should also check out a 54" table, if we make the table, we can actually do whatever size we need.  The big decision now is do I want a pedestal base or legs, and would tapered legs, & table skirt look good.  What do you think?  My captain's coffee table has a roped round pedestal, very unique piece.  

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your feedback.  I am really overwhelmed with the renovations I've been going through for the last 12 years.  


To salvage your marriage, keep breathing!

As for the table, opt for a 54" round.  Based on what you've told me, if you use a pedestal base, the chairs will probably work nicely with this, and you should have ample room to walk around the table/chairs combo.

Good luck to you Norma!


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