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Hi, My fiancÚ and I bought an old home that we tore down to the bones and have been completely renovating. We are beginning to make decisions that will impact the style of the decor. I guess that's how I would explain it. We are picking out light fixtures, light switches and other little things that have small details like colors and styles that I believe may affect how we decorate the rooms.  For example in the small guest bathroom we chose a bathroom exhaust fan with a light that has a brownish, bronzy color. Later we decided we wanted to go for a modern look for that bathroom with a sink that comes with a silver faucet and now we believe the two don't go together. Anyway, my question is if you're starting from scratch including all the little details what advice can you give me for decorating? I'm finding it more difficult than I originally thought it would be. We are literally starting from scratch due to the house's condition and we've never lived together or on our own so we have no furniture and barely anything else that we are bringing with us. We are basically buying everything that will be going in the house. I'm so overwhelmed that I can't even think of a specific question to ask so any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Courtney,
Thank you for your question; first things first; take a deep breath! I know that the idea of starting from scratch, having to make what seems like endless decisions, asking countless  questions about colors, styles, patterns, etc.,. Not to mention that the fact that you and your future husband are starting your lives together as a couple while taking this on can be overwhelming. Even in the best of circumstances, this can be stressful. But, here is the good news Courtney, this place belongs to you and your fiancÚ, and it is your home! So have some fun with it, don't put yourselves under any outrageous schedule to get it done, or to get it right. Just like  getting married, (starting from scratch), you are embarking on a new and exciting journey in your lives. And just like your lives together, as you get more comfortable living together and sharing your lives, you will get more comfortable making these decisions, together. There are home improvement centers, decorating sites, magazines, friends and family to turn to for advice, but, my personal favorite places to shop are thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets. They are a great source to find unusual pieces, let the inspiration come from the two of you.
I have a simple idea about decorating. If you like it, it works. I believe that your home is the one place where we are free to express who we are. So the next time you go out shopping for your home, keep an open mind about what you want, let it just sort of "find" you. Eclectic style is my personal favorite. Because it simply means, these are the things I love and want to be surrounded by. I hope this helps.

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