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Hello Toni, I need some help in my living room. My room is approx 15x13. Walls are a very light tan. The room is carpeted with light tan as well. I have dark brown tv stand and also a new chocolate colored sectional sofa. I purchased a rug to go in the room that is tan with a very light blue tint. Unfortunately the tan in the rug is almost identical to the carpet under it. I can't return the rug and don't have money to just go buy another one. I'm really bummed. I have 3 windows in the room all on one wall. No window treatments yet. I'm not sure what to do next. End tables? Coffee table or automann? Curtains? What style? I also should mention I like traditional style. I have attached pictures for your opinion? Any help is appreciated.

Hi Olivia,
I apologize for my lateness in responding to your question. Your living room is very nice, and bright. That is a beautiful chocolate brown, and would be complimented with more blue(s), creams, and tans, in solid and patterned pillows, on the sofa, perhaps a throw. Adding some texture by using a couple of rattan, bamboo, or wicker ottomons, instead of a coffee table, or as end tables. The white blinds and the light colored walls bring a strong contrast in the room, which you can minimize in several ways. My sister and used some metallic spray paint, in different shades to create a mottled effect on the our basic white blinds. We hung them on a clothes line outside (or just lay them on the ground outside in a well ventilated area) and randomly sprayed three different colors. They turned out great! Not only was it an inexpensive solution to bring some personality to the room, it also addressed the privacy issue.
Rattan, bamboo or wicker blinds could also be used to replace the white blinds, or even to layer over them, as they often don't provide privacy. Your blinds look as if they are mounted on the inside of the window, so you could hang blinds or your choice of drapery on the outside of the window. Again, I would go with something in a darker shade of blue to compliment the browns in the room.
Thank you for your question, I hope this helps!

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