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Hi! I've recently become interested in expanding round tables but I've hit a wall in finding one. I'd like a table that has the pieces inside of it and it expands when you turn the top of the table such as the capstan fletcher style of table. However, my issue is finding one that doesn't cost as much as a small house.

I work in manufacturing so I understand the costs with creating such a thing as well as the costs of materials for it. With this knowledge I'm sure that it shouldn't cost anywhere near $30,000.

My problem is that I don't know what this kind of table is called so I can't search for ones made by other retailers. I'm certain someone has made one that's more cost effective. I don't just want something with a leaf that you take out of the table, I'd really like to find one of these expanding tables. Where/how can I find these products?

Thank you for your inquiry.  These tables are simply called round tables with leaf inserts.  Most are "older" but some manufacturers still produce them.  

Check out e-bay.  They have them in all wood types and finishes, and they range in price from $200 to well into the thousands, depending. If you will simply do a search using "round wooden tables with leaf inserts" you'll be able to view them all.

Hope this helps you.


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