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QUESTION: Q:  My home is 7 years still new.  In our living room, we have cathedral ceilings, a built-in entertainment center, angled fire place, natural hardwood floors and white woodwork/trim.  We have a 3 door unit that is on a 9 ft. wall and leads to a large back deck of which only one door (the right) is operable and the other two are stationary.  I'd like some ideas on how to put a window treatment on my 3 door unit.  I've went into some detail on my living room with the semi-large scale of the room as I am not especially crazy with just individual door curtains and would like something along the same scale.

A:  Hi Lisa; To give a window a larger presence and more prominence, you need a large, over stated curtain rod, (wrought iron or something similar), needs to be hung at the base of your crown molding, up near the ceiling.  By using a tapestry type of fabric and lining them, will facilitate this illusion.  Now, here is your other issue, you'll either have to make them yourself or have them custom made, because the stores only carry traditional sizes.  Do you have a Calico Corners in your town?  They have the type of fabric that you will need for this project.  Hope this helps.  Thanks, Lora

My style is traditional, inviting yet makes a statement.

Thanks for your help.


Traditional yet making a statement?  Larger than life perhaps?

I must say my first thought was the theatre.  Perhaps it is just because I am English but I can imagine a sweeping deep red velvet curtain just like we have in the West End Theatres of London (I am not sure if it is the same in US).

Rather than three small individual door curtains I would suggest just one fabulous, full, heavy curtain. Depending on the colour scheme of your room deep red velvet edged in gold with the over-long fabric 'pooling' on the floor and the curtain pulled back to one side (obviously the non-opening side) with a large gold tasselled tie back.  Gold tasselled edging on the curtain would be fabulous and add to the dramatic effect.

I can't argue with Lora - a wrought iron curtain pole would be good or, if using a gold tasselled trim on the curtain, a gold pole would be brilliant as long as it is 'chunky'.

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QUESTION: Two more things if I may:  Would you still have the curtain start at the top under the crown moulding?  Also, I failed to mention that my door on the right swings in.  I'm not sure if that would be in the way of the curtain.

Hi Lisa

It is a shame that the doors swings inwards.  If changing the hinge so it opens outwards isn't an option I think you are going to have to hang the curtain from as high as you need to, to give it clearance at the top to open the door.  Inevitably though a chunk of wall above one of the doors would be visible.

If that doesn't work then I think you may have to give up on that idea and use three separate door curtains or blinds which certainly won't be as dramatic but would be more practical on a day to day basis.

I think if it was me I would have a word with someone - a carpenter? - to see about reversing the door before giving up on the big curtain idea.

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