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Hi, I have a question on what color to paint an accent wall.  My living room and dining room connect and the wall is in my living room.  The furniture in the room is crimson red and the surrounding walls are a golden mustard color.  The wall in question is at the front of the room and has a fireplace and a flat screen tv on the wall.  The accents in the room currently are black(ie. curtains pillows etc.)  Please help with any color suggestions you may have or if I should just paint all the walls the same color.  Thanks in advance.

it sounds as though you have a lot of bold color statements already happening in this room. an accent wall may end up making the room to busy and blocky looking. i'm not a huge fan of accent walls in general unless it's the wall a bed is on. could you accent the fireplace with paint or just the area above the mantel?
i would steer clear of painting a whole wall as accent.  

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