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I have a question about which wall to choose for an accent wall and the color to paint it.  I am painting a spare bedroom which is small and just slightly rectangular.  When walking into the room, the wall to the right has wooden slatted closet doors, which will be painted white and the other three walls are to the left of the door with the farthest wall centering awning windows.  There is also a need to bring more light into the room.  The colors I have chosen are from Behr paint with the main color being Icy Bay, which is in the blue family.  According to the Behr website, they showed a very light green as a coordinating color.  Because the room is small and wanting to try to bring more light into the room, I thought of painting the window wall the accent color.  Originally, I was going to have the accent wall be the wall that the closet doors are on because it's the smallest wall and I thought it would stand out against the white closet doors, but obviously, since writing to you, I am thinking that it might look better on the window wall.  As far as the windows, I am planning to put up white tie-back curtains and a matchstick blind painted or maybe dry-brushed white to help cover up the ugly awning windows.  The bed placement will be opposite the door against the Icy Bay colored wall.  Someone told me that an accent wall should be the wall that the bed is up against.  Please tell me what you think.  This is the first time that I am trying out any kind of color on the walls and it can be frightening.  I am anxious to read about your thoughts and thank you for any information and/or advice you can give.

Hello Anna,
I really like the sound of the choice of colors!  I do agree about the accent wall being the wall where the bed is placed.  This also allows you the opportunity to show off any bedding and contrasting fabrics.

Since its a small room as you said, the white color will be great on the closet doors and window trim.  Also,
if you add white ceiling crown moulding you'll tie in all of the elements and create quite a cozy and elegant space.

Have Fun and Good Luck!
Alicia Valair, CID, CKD, Allied Member ASID

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