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I have a living room that is 22 x 16. On on long wall stair come down into the room. On the opposite long wall about center is a wood stove. On the short wall is a big bay window. On the opposite wall in the corner is where the tv, our focal point is. How can I arrange this room.


Thanks for writing.

If your focal point is the TV. then your furniture need to face that. You will most likely need to pull furniture away from walls and into the middle of the room to make this work. I suggest putting the couch on center the the wall the TV is on with a sofa table in back of it with two lanps on either side. From here, start building your arrangement. Use a side chair next to the sofa and put it on a slant facing in. Use a coffee table and/or area rug to pull the space and furniture together.

The main thing is pulling that furniture out and away from those walls.

Good luck, and as always, I encourage you to send pic's of your completed projects to


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