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Hi,  I have a wonderfully functional laundry/ storage room area.  But it is soooooo boring!  It is small and compact but with built-in ceiling to floor storage cabinets (i.e. pantry styled kitchen cabinets) in a medium oak color on one wall (8'), then there is a stainless sink and butcher block styled oak countertop w/ a sink cabinet below and a nice north facing window at eye level above. (This sink countertop wall area only measures 4' from the front of the built in cabinets to the washer/dryer fronts but is the focal point as it is all you see as you walk into the "room".) The washer and dryer, which face the pantry cabinets, are newer white units and there are huge oak cabinets above them.  These have the appearance of being built in bc to the right of the dryer is a shared wall for a small half bath that you walk past while going to the sink unit.  The floor is a white 8" tile w/ a tannish brown grout, the walls are cream colored and the window treatment is only a white mini blind.  I have tried papering and painting the walls a more interesting pattern but it gets lost in all the oak woodwork.  I am wondering if a colorful or trendy runner would help out and then use a coordinating valance or ? on the window?  Or should I just leave it plain?  My husband thinks it is just the laundry room after all =)  It is an adjoining area to our family room which has the oak floors and trim, beige walls, and blue geometrically designed looking area rugs from Target (not saying I necessarily want the rugs to be the theme in the laundry area but I can mix and match if you think something like that would help).  Also what types of cabinet pulls should I use for them?  They are just white knobs currently.  Thanks for your tips and advice!!  

The first thing you need in both the laundry and the adjoining room(s) is color for the walls.  Nothing you add to the floor or window will replace a fresh coat of COLOR.  Select your favorite shade and use it in your home.  Don't be afraid of color, it's all around you in the world.  

You can add rugs, new knobs to the cabinets etc., and coordinate all that with a window treatment, but you will not get as good a result as adding color on the walls.  Having said that, if that's what you opt to do, choose a bold pattern or fabric color - black, navy blue, chocolate brown - for your window treatment and rug and use the updated look of stainless steel for the knobs/handles for your cabinets.


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