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Hi Benjamin, we have a two-story 1946 colonial with a basement.  We've kept the upper two floors very traditional.  The basement was remodeled in the 1960s(?) with flourescent lights, drop ceilings, beige carpet, and knotty pine walls and stairs.  We're going to install a dry wall ceiling with can lights.

Our main question is what to do with the walls and floor.  Our first thought is to keep the knotty pine--it sorta has a nice retro feel to it--and install a nice berber carpet.  It's not a big space, just a landing area for the stairs, short walkway and a small room we use as a media room (about 20' x 11').  Do you have any interesting ideas on how to make this a good looking room w/o tearing out the walls?  Thanks for your help!  --Troy


Thanks for writing.

You may want to consider leaving just a couple walls in the pine and painting the rest if you do not want to part with the pine, but still want to give it a little different look. For a retro look, stick to pastel colors such as the blues, creamy peaches/pinks, and teracottas. For a media room enterance, hand silk striped material from the ceiling in the doorway as if you would in a window so you walk through it into the room. Also try large production/movie posters in frames along the walls to give a true media room feel. The burber is problaly your best bet. Also popular for basements are carpet tiles which are commercial grade you are great because if one gets damages by (water, food, ect...) you can jst replace 1 or 2 squares. Another popular basement floor in cork. Also very water resistant and nice underfoot.

Good luck.


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