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Jenny --
I am in the process of finishing my basement.  The basement has a large room 30'x 15', with separate smaller rooms. The ceiling poses an issue as it is unfinished (joists/beams exposed, along with wires and pipes) and fairly low -- approx. 7.5'.  The walls are block and the floor is concrete.  There are windows on one end of the large room and a fireplace in the middle of the long wall.

My thought is to leave the ceiling unfinished as it had a cheap drop ceiling before which made the room feel closed-in.  I was thinking about spraying some color - think that a medium/dark color may be needed because of all the wood/pipes/wires.  Also thinking about wood paneling on the lower part of the walls leaving the top part exposed block, painted a lighter color.  Among other things, I'm worried about lighting and whether the colored ceiling, light top/dark bottom walls, and white trim (around doors, windows, etc.) would look.

Would be interested in your thoughts.  Please be blunt if my thoughts are hideous-- I'm color-blind and don't have a clue at these type of things.


Your thoughts and ideas are not hideous, but I may have a suggestion that will address all your concerns.  Paint the walls AND open joist ceiling (complete with wires) the same color.  Make it a warm but light neutral shade...taupe comes to mind or a nice camel brown.  Add area rugs to the concrete floors (you could paint them too...) and you'll be amazed at how light, bright and clean it all looks.


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