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My wife had always dreamed about becomming an interior decorator.  She is very talented and our house looks like a magazine house.  she even decorates some of her girlfriends houses.  What education she needs to become an interior decorator (It is possible to become one without a college degree?).  We live in Orlando Florida.  Do you have an idea of a school or some place she may go to get instructed as an interior decorator?  What are the job opportunities for interior decorators?

Thank you

There's no easy answer to your questions.  Here's what I can share with you from my own experience.  

To call yourself (and advertise as) an Interior Designer, you should have a 4 year degree in ID or a related field, including space planning and architectural design.  To be an Interior Decorator, you can pretty much just "call" yourself one and be one.  Getting clients is another issue.  

There are courses available through traditional mail with some on-line coursework, but I really don't know how good these are or if they actually help you in finding work once the course is completed.  

There is a trade school which specializes in Interior Design in Tampa.  You may want to check that out if that isn't too far from where you live.  

Basically if your wife is talented, has a great business sense - and I mean "knows" how to run a business - then decorating for her friends is a great place to start a photo portfolio of things she has done.  Satisfied customers, whether they are friends or acquaintences, are her best form of referral on jobs.  

Hope this helps you.  


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