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Hi! I am excited to be able to ask a question here.

We have a great home and three kids and are pretty happy with the casual way we have decorated (thanks to Target and other cost-effective stores) - but our master bedroom is just a disaster. We have our really old furniture which is kinda of falling apart but we cant change that right now. But we have no headboard.  Our room has almost become storage for big boxes of things because we havent made it our oasis. It is a nice size room with space. We have light colored hard wood floors. We still have paper window shades almost two years later!

When you walk into the room - across from teh door are two large egress windows next to each other and centered. This meant we couldnt put the bed there (the windows go below the bed)

On the wall to the left when you walk in - is one window all the way on the left. There is no other wondow on that wall. Right now our bed is centered on that wall so the ere is a window on one side of the bed but not the other.

When you walk in the door- to the right a few steps is the master bathroom and closet.

I guess the main question relates to what to do with the windows, something on the floor? Pillows? Lamps? Someone suggested we move the bed to be diagnoal - on the far end of the room - but then what do we put behind the bed? So many questions. Not sure I gave you enough information.
I would love the room to be somewhere calming, serene, hotel-like- spa like? An oasis from kiddie clutter and somewhere relaxing.

We have Calvin Klein Bamboo Flowers bedding for years now. It is sort of blues with a tint of lavendar. We dont have any extra pillows.

We painted the room a pale pink/lavendar/taupe/grey color. Dont know what it was called.  

Hi Lee

I think the first thing you need to do is de-clutter.  Get rid of everything you can - this is your bedroom not your garage.

Once all the junk is gone, you will get a better feeling for the room and the space you have.

It is hard to advise about the placement of the bed without seeing the room for myself so I will have to leave that decision to you.  If you are happy with it where it is next to the window then leave it there.

I often suggest gold as being a lovely, luxurious colour for a master bedroom but given the colour of your walls and bedding, I think silver would be much better.

Rather than go for anything heavy or expensive at the windows, I suggest you have white blinds or shades (nothing wrong with paper!) and then have a lightweight silver fabric for the drapes.  

Something like this would be lovely:

If you have two windows next to each other you can dress them as if they were one with only one curtain at each window with the right hand window having the curtain held back on its right hand side and the left hand window having its curtain held back on the left.  If you have no furniture in front of the windows, over-long curtains that pool on the floor can look really good.

If you can't get a headboard now, do you have a spare curtain pole?  You can attach the curtain pole to the wall above your bed and then get a couple of pillow cases and, having made little slits in the sides, hang them from the pole so you have something to lean back on when sitting up in bed.

Alternatively, have lots of extra cushions on the bed in a big pile.  If you are on a budget, you can easily make them yourself using these instructions:

A couple of rugs either side of the bed would be nice and as you have a lot of pale blue/lilac/lavender a rich, warm raspberry pink would look stylish and contemporary.

Kind regards,


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