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Do all bedroom furtinure have to match?  I have a really nice antique dresser in a cherry stain. I want to buy two nightstands, but do they have to match the dresser?  Thanks for your help.  

Sneha Menhta,

Hi. Thanks for your question.

Woods do not have to match at all. It used to be that everything had to be bought at once in a set and be perfectly matching. Now the U.S. has changed over into that oldworld eclectic feel found in places like Europe.

One key of advice would be to get the same wood tones and style of furniture. In other words, don't put a dark cherry piece in the same room as a modern blond piece.

In your case, look at a nice dark oak piece or if all else fails, painted wood is hot right now. But not straight paint. You want to look for a piece that has that old weathered look to it. Back to the Europen look again...

Most popular are black pieces with the scraped corners that show the real wood through.

Good luck and as always I encourage you to send pictures of your completed projects to: anytime.

Thanks, Ben

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