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QUESTION: We just moved into a new house and looking to paint.. what color would you suggest for:
1. Master Bedroom with dark wood furniture? also I've two niches (for painting etc.) on the headboard side of the wall,would it be a good idea to paint them darker to highlight them? what color would you suggest?
2. My 3 year old daughter room.. She insists on pink :-) but i want to add an accent if possible so that the paint can last as she grows.What shades of pink and a contrasting/complimentary accent color would you recommend?

ANSWER: Thanks for writing me.  What color to paint your master bedroom depends greatly on what colors you like.  Dark wood furniture looks great with both warm and cool tones, and niches can be painted in either a lighter color or a darker one to accent the architecture.  

If you like cooler tones, consider a medium blue or aquamarine blue which coordinates well with chocolate brown (dark furniture) and creamy white.  A splash of vibrant orange or yellow is the "wow" color you add as an accessory to this.   Another cool combo is sagey/celery green with white.  The "wow" pop color is red.

If you prefer warm tones, consider pumpkin, lavender, taupe, or yellow.  

As for your daughter's room, "touches" of pink might work best.  You could paint the walls in a creamy beige or camel and use pink as the accent color.  If you want to paint the walls pink, use a pale, pale shade of pink and accent with white and lilac or pale green.

Hope this gives you some inspiration.


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QUESTION: Thanks a lot for your response.. I would like my master to be peaceful and relaxing.. I like the idea of Taupe color for the walls, what color would go well for the niches with this?

Taupe is a wonderful neutral, and looks especially great when paired with dark furniture.  As for niches, I would take into consideration my furniture tones and accessories.  If you have dark furniture and the niches are "unlit", I'd opt for a white or off-white niche color.  If your furniture is on the lighter side - say white-washed or oak, I'd opt for going darker in the niches.  You may consider either a chocolate brown, a deep navy blue or an emerald green.  Use a color that coordinates with your furniture and bedding.  ANY difference between the wall color and the niche will attract attention to the niche.  Make sure you fill the niche with something wonderful like a vase, a framed-caligraphied poem, or something that you truly want people to stop and look at.  Otherwise, it's wasted.  


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