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We have a medium size bedroom, king-size bed, presently with no headboard, a white washed oak armoire, a dresser that is painted and I want to strip and stain to match the armoire.  

I have tin ceiling panels that I would like to 'antique' and use on plywood as a backdrop headboard to the bed. There is also a white-washed wicker chair in the corner of the room, two small nightstands, one that will be stripped also and painted with the rest.  The other is a small round table with a tablecloth.

I like shades like moss green, mushroom, soft rose, french vanilla, etc.  

I need to decide on a color for the walls, and get a bedcover that I like and I'm having trouble tieing it all together.  Any suggestions?


Thanks for writing.

I like the wall colors you have chosen. Any of those shades would work well, and even work well together if you decide to do a couple of colors in the room. As far as inspiration to match bedding and wall colors, you might want to look at sites like and Many times they have wonderful ideas and pictures as to what will look right together and at Restoration Hardware, you can even buy they paint you see there.

Good luck.


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