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I need help! I have just moved into this bedroom that has 2 corner shelves installed one above the other, the bottom shelf being smaller in size. This corner is in opposite corner of a window which I have a sage green scarf on with white wood blinds. My bedspread is sage green also. In the other corner I have a sitting chair. And the last corner has the entrance door. So, looking from my bed, the corner shelves are on the right, the window to the far right, the chair to the left and the door to the far left. One of my other bedrooms will be made into a 'dressing room' so this room is only for reading or sleeping. The owner put those shelves there for a TV with a square hole cut out in the top shelf (for the cords?). We painted the shelves antique white, the same as the walls. This is very awkward and I cannot find anything that looks appropriate there. I put a small TV there, but never plugged it in knowing that I wwould not be able to stand seeing  cords hanging down. I have tried sitting a large picture there and it was too large and I feel like it just accentuated the problem. I tried a basket of flowers but they sit too high to be on display. It's just an eyesore right now and I am afraid to try to pull them down. The previous owner had a reputation of putting things together to saty put forever! Please suggest something!  

Dear Anita,

Before I give you a suggestion for working around the shelves let's see what we can do about them.  Would it be possible to take a photo (close-up) of the shelves and send it to my email address:


Dear Amanda,

Try removing your shelves not by pulling them out but by pushing them up but be careful you don't want to damage the walls.  If you feel some give you're in luck.  If you don't feel any give then you run the risk of having to repair the wall if you try to remove them.

Moving on to plan B, I think painting the shelves the same color as your walls was a great first step.  You need to put something on them that distracts the eye from the shelves.  The flowers and painting are not going to work.  You need something that is striking, not a lot of little things just one tall object pointing to the ceiling in sage perhaps a vase.  The eye will wander around the room concentrating on that object and will not really register the shelves.
I would not hang anything near the shelves or place anything under the shelves.

Now there is another problem.  You have to balance the corner with the shelves with the corner with the chair.  This imbalance also makes the shelves more obvious.  You will probably have to hang similar shelves on that corner-after you move the chair.  Again paint them the same color as the walls and again place a tall object in sage on the top shelf.

Good luck with you decorating and I hope the shelves do move,

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