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We're finally redoing our master bedroom!  We're putting down oak hardwood flooring, our bedroom furniture is almost a mission oak color, the king size bed has a wrought iron detail across the headboard.  The room is 17.5' wide (across the wall where the bed is) and 15' deep.  I'd like a room that is comfortable, relaxing but sort of sophisticated.  My decorating style is eclectic and comfortable, I like mission style, antiques (i.e. claw foot dining table), comfortable (cushy couches/loveseats) furniture.

My first problem is that while the bed is in the best possible location (centered on the front, north-facing wall) it is between two windows, which AREN'T centered on the wall.  Therefore, the bed is not centered between the two windows (it needs to move about 12 inches to the left, but then it crowds that side of the room).  I’ve thought about trying to treat the two windows as one with regard to window treatments, but am worried it will still look off-center.  What if I put one long rod across both windows, used a scarf-like window treatment across them, but hung the “tail” of the scarf to the left side of the bed that is too far off-center?  Do you think that would work?  Do you know of any creative ways to fool the eye into thinking the bed is centered between the windows without actually moving it?  If I paint the whole wall an accent color will it make it less noticeable that the bed is off-center?  

The room is currently an off-white with stenciled floral/vine motif in pink/green [that needs to go!].  My color preferences lean towards jewel tones - the duvet cover, which I plan on keeping, is a cranberry color.  I would like to incorporate some teal green, but the room, since it faces north, doesn't get a ton of light so painting totally teal is probably too much.  That's why I was thinking of the accent wall, also.  I have ordered this piece to put between the windows above the bed (

I would welcome any suggestions on placement of the bed - or even just tell me if I'm obsessing over something that doesn't matter much (does it need to be centered between windows?) as well as some color suggestions.

Thanks for your question!  It's a great question, and you're on the right track.  You can trick the eye with fabric.  I'd probably treat the two windows as separate ones, but the trick comes in hanging MOST of the curtain over the wall rather than the window (on the side that isn't centered.  That way, you only have to deal with one panel and you can still have the space above your headboard for some beautiful object or art piece.  (I like your choice.)  

Accent walls draw attention, so I'd probably opt for a shade of teal that isn't super dark, but I'd use it on all the walls.  


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