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I have twin two-year olds (boy and girl) and want to keep their bedroom dark (they have a separate play room).  I'm thinking about painting the windows because they play in the draperies or anything loose, including black-out curtains.  Do you have any suggestions on paint type (that they won't be able to scratch off), stencils or other designs to use?  I'd like to use more colors than just black.  Their room is fantasy: castles, dragons, knights, princesses, etc.  Thank you.


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I really wouldn't suggest painting the windows. It will scratch and there is not paint that will prevent that. If or when you want this paint to come off, it is going to be such a mess and so hard what you will problaly end up replacing the window and, you will most likely damage the window all together by painting it. Also the sun will fade the paint in no time and if you live in a cold state where the windows get frost, your paint will discolor and run all over the floor.

Stick to the shades. If you are worried about the kids damaging them, get the roller shades that cost about $5. or go to walmart and get some cheap honey come shades. Kids don't need it pitch black to sleep anyways and it would be ashame not to have any natural light in the room during the day.

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