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We have a large open room - sort of a great room - in the front is our couch, 8x10 rug, tv unit etc and the back area is a dining room table and chairs. Evertihng is a hodgpodge of handme down furniture which is great, but we really need to bring it al togetyer.  The walls are a sky blue/eggshell blue. The trim is white. The couches are big and musroom color - sort of greeny.  The furniture is dark brown and also light brown.  We have had paper shades up for almost a year because we dont know what to do with the window treatments!  We have a rug (stained) from pottery barn but it has a blue base that matches the walls, a sage/daker green, a cream and a pale burgendy which matches the pillows we currently have accenting the couch from a different room. I would say the only things we are married to for cost reasons are the walls and the couches unfortunately. Any ideas!  (oh and we tried dozens of slip covers to no avail!

Wow Tilly,  
  The first thing I suggest that you do, is strip the room. What is the focal point in the room?  Is it the view out the windows? Or do you have a fireplace in the room? It sounds like your room is out of balanced and has no theme, which is a common thing for most people.
  If you have a 8 x 10 area rug, are you telling me that you have hardwood floors?
  The first thing that you want to do is find a theme, ie. do you want this room to resemble a bungalow at the beach or a spa? What type of accessories do you have and you didn't mention if you have any plants.
  If you could answer these questions for me, then I'd be in a better place to advise you.  
Thank you.

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