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Hello Jean:

My house has a white window trim (off-white interior color), and I recently purchased darker tone brown wood blinds. The house has mahogany trim and off-white body color. I thought that brown color of the blinds would compliment the color of the outside trim, and at the same time accent the windows enhancing a curb appeal. From the inside, I thought brown color of blinds would also accent the windows, and make blinds easier to maintain. In the kitchen, I thought color of blinds would go well with the natural alder color of the cabinets.

Now I am reading that color of blinds should always match color of the trim, and if otherwise it would affect the resale value of the house. But also I read two articles where people had choosen brown blinds with white trim. So it seems like I made a mistake? Is “color of blinds should always mach the color of trim” still absolute rule? Any suggestions how to fix the problem (besides buying new blinds)? This was my first experience of buying blinds. :-(

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

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It can go either way there is no  golden rule on this it is just simply maximizing your design whether outside or inside you can put shears to create the look for interior and give depth with drapes to the side and never see the wooden blinds for the exterior effect.


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