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Hi Cindy,

My husband and I were recently married and are having trouble choosing interior paint colors for our home. Specifically the living, dining area. We have a very open floor plan and would like to use more than one color. We also don't anticipate staying in this home for more than five years so are concerned about resale value when we add paint colors. I do have jpeg pictures of the rooms we are struggling with that I would be happy to send you if that would help you help us.

Thank you very much,


Dear Melanie,

I would love to see the pictures!  My email address is


Dear Melanie,

Although you're not staying in your current home for more than 5 years still you can enjoy having the walls painted to your taste.  Beacause your home is so open I would choose  to use a monochromatic palette, using different shades of the same color.  The result is a soothing, beautiful space that feels larger (ie. illusion of more square footage).  Since you are concerned about resale value I would choose neutral colors.  I would then add more variety through the choice of fabrics and accessories.

For a little drama you can accentuate your built-in bookshelf and your windowseat nook with a coordinating color that pops against your wall color. Very important  don't forget to paint your ceiling the same color as your wall and you might want to consider painting the wood trim.  If you don't paint the wood trim be careful to match your new paint color to it.     

Good luck with your decorating,

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