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We need to repaint our walk-out-basement family room, entryway, and hall.  The family room has no windows- is lit a little bit by an adjoining bedroom that has a full-size window.  The family room ceiling is only about 7' high, and about 2/3 of it is only about 6'6"-8" or so (ductwork that extends down from ceiling).  Everything is drywalled and currently light taupe or putty color w/white ceilings.  A new sectional sofa w/chaise is a warm beight/light brown/with a touch of olive or soft basil green.  Carpet is a very light taupe, textured berber (not as warm as I'd like- more gray than brown). I want the room to feel warm and cheerful and cozy.  Also need any tricks you can offer to make the ceiling appear higher. What paint colors would you recommend for walls and ceilng? What finish? (flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss?) The entryway opens onto the hallway; hallway ends at family room.  I hope this makes some sense for you!  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

Sounds like a very pretty space.  I would love to see you use the soft green on the walls and would paint it on the ceiling and walls both.  Add some white to the ceiling paint to lighten it up a shade or two. I would stay with a satin finish so it you can clean it but not be too glossy.  

Also, consider adding a mural to one wall that looks like a window.  Look at and do a search for window murals.  I saw many that would give the "feeling" of light into your space.  We did one recently that we actually added a frame to the mural and mounted it out from wall just enough to backlight it so it looked like natural light coming into the room.  Change your lightbulbs and overhead lighting to natural light bulbs to add a more natural feel to the room as well.

I also would love to see you add an area rug into the space in front of the sectional to anchor it.  

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