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We need to repaint our walk-out-basement family room, entryway, and hall.  The family room has no windows- it is lit a little bit by an adjoining bedroom that has a full-size window, and there is a recessed light in each corner (also a few lamps).  The room is not large- about 14 x 14. The ceiling is only about 7' high, and about 2/3 of the family room ceiling is only about 6'6"-8" or so (ductwork that extends down from ceiling). Everything is drywalled and walls are curently a light taupe/putty color w/white ceilings and off-white painted woodwork. A new sectional sofa w/chaise is a warm beige/light brown/with a tourch of olive or soft basil green. Carpet is a very light taupe, textured berber (not as warm a color as I'd like- more gray than brown). I want the room to feel warm and cheerful and cozy.  I need any tricks for making the ceiling appear higher. What paint colors would you recommend for walls and for ceiling? What effect would same color on walls and ceiling have? Does a darker color or lighter color on ceiling make it feel higher? The entryway (well lit w/sliding patio doors) opens onto the hallway; the hallway ends at the family room. I hope this makes some sense to you!  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - thank you!

Dear Cindy,
Since your family room doesnt have any windows then I would add a vertical mirror. This will give you a feeling of openess and having it vertical will give the feeling of taller walls. I would keep the ceilings white because if you have a darker color it will feel more enclosed. For the wall color I would choose a sage green that will bring out the green in the sectional and complement all the beige in the room. You definently need some color on the walls since everything else is so neutral. I would stay with darker woods and accent with blue. If you want to choose artwork I would choose landscape art that has green and blue in it. This will give a feeling of looking out the window.  Here is the website with the image I have designed for you.
Hope this helps you out and feel free to ask any more questions.

Rachel Mallon

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