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First, I want to apologize for the rather lengthy description. Since I don't know what information you need, I'm pretty much giving you general information about a particular room in my house.

I own a 1950's style ranch house. The interior has some unique architectural highlights and I want to keep them.

In the living room, the walls have a stucco texture with a warm toast eggshell paint. The only furniture we own is a microfibre couch in a beige color.

Looking at the fireplace for orientatio.

There is a fireplace in the center of one wall, left wall has a large window 2/3 of wall and main door, right wall has same window but in middle of wall. The back wall has a large archway closer to the right wall that leads into the dining room.

Around the fireplace, the face is older tile that matches the surrounding colors. Bordering the tiles are bullnose tiles in marroon. The sides have several vented tiles in the same color as well.

The ceiling archetectural embelishment has that same marroon color. There is a fan with gold metal and marroon blades. There are no lights in the room; however, we are installing recessed can lights in the very near future.

I want a coffee table that is functional and creates something to take up the space in the room. Since the only items in the room are the couch, the Tv and stereo equipment, speakers and fireplace. I also want to make the table myself, but I'm stuck with the design. Any suggestions?

Dear Thomas Holloman,
    I dont mind the lengthy questions, I actually prefer them. The more information I get the better I can help them with their question. So I think that you should design a coffee table that has wooden legs and top in a finish that will compliment your maroon tiles or an existing wood color of the room. I think it would also look nice if you were design a tile that has maroon and a tarnished gold for the tabletop. I think these colors would look nice because it will bring your eye from the fan to the coffee table, thus giving a nice flow to the room. Adding a side table next to the window or behind the sofa will give a more unified look. I would also add drawers with gold drawer pulls. If you want to add some more decor, a geometric rug that has similar or like colors in the room would pull the look together. Go to this link for a design that I have rendered for you to give you a better idea of what I am trying to say.

Hope this will help you, please email me for any further questions to

Rachel Mallon

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