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My house plan is a very open floor plan where the living,dining,and kitchen are open to one another.  I have painted terracotta in the kitchen and green in the living room.  I would like to paint the entire area terracotta and introduce another color such as a dusty aqua I seen in JCPenny cataloge with curtains.  Or I am also open to using a light gold curtain since I have a very elegant tropical pineapple wallpaper on one wall in the kitchen.  Please help  thanks


Thanks for writing.

It sounds like you have everything under control to tell you the truth. I like the idea of terra cotta in the whole area sence it is so open to each other. If you were to paint a diffrent color in 1 area, it should be the kitchen because it is naturally divided by cabinets.

It is a good idea to bring in other colors on such things as window treatments and side pillows from things that are already there. For example, you may have an accent color you are using in pillows and accessories. This would be a great accent color becuase it will tie everything together and keep a consistant look through the space.

Good luck!


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