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Hi. I have a big problem with picking a color for our living room and our kitchen. Our living room is large with about 20 foot ceilings. The color of our carpet is a light tan, we have a light oak for our furniture and our couch is a honey brown. We wanted to go with a greenish color. We did hire a painter and they started to paint the living room and I had to tell them to stop because it was a horrable color (it is a dark green leap frog green) and our kitchen is also kinda attached to the living room and we painted it a deep maroon. The living room and the kitchen dont have a wall to seperate them. So the two colors are right on top of each other. The cabints are also a light oak in the kitchen. I hate both colors in each room and I dont know what to do or what color i should go with. Can you please help me.


Well I am not there to go over colors with you and if you choose green which can be nice it is important not to be to dark and gloomy even though you have large walls and seeming so the kitchen and LR are attached meaning no wall separation the maroon color and dark look like christmas so therefore not unisen with each other or complimenting so I would say pick and nice complimenting color to the green and a nice but nuetral green and pick a connecting color to the living of a nice somewhat dark tan therefore cabinets are maximized in kitchen and connects with LR and you have green accent in LR.

For all this go to go to color vertulizer from the homeowner tab and then it will open the program to choose a interior room and see the colors you place to feel better about color choice.

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