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We just moved in to a new home and the living room is driving me mad! The carpet color is a teal/green.  There are also tiles on the floor as you enter the room that are two toned mauve and burgundy. Our furniture is solid blue (and only a year old). I can't figure out any color to go on the walls. I am starting to think I should get new furniture-but then I'll have to figure out the wall color to go with the green and red tones AND what color furniture to match it all!  Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!!  


Thanks for writing.

The problem you are getting into is mismatching too much. One of a designers secrets is to keep consistancy. As you rooms sits now, the blue couch is the odd ball. If you are going to keep it, go with a cream on the walls. I know a little plain, but if you start adding color to the walls, your room is going to turn into a circus! The cream will blemd everything together better than white walls which are very stark.

Now with that blue couch, you need to start pulling in more blues to bring that consistancy to the room. Of you bring enough blue into the space, everything will look like it matches and flows better.

If you are willing to get rid of the couch, then pull your accent color into the new couch...sounds like it is burgandy from the tiles. Cream, beigh, and taupes are always safe color that will blend.

Good luck and as always, I encourage you to send pictures of your completed project to anytime.


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