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Dear Jenny -
Help!!  We've painted the outside of our house a very nice looking earthy green, subdued, not overpowering.  (The trim is white).  I had the bright idea of painting the front doors purple.  I've seen purple doors with green and it looked great.  But, this color ended up being a deep dark, vibrant, hello! purple.  Complete mismatch.  It's kind of embarrassing.  Do you have any ideas on  a quick fix other than repainting with the same color green that we used on the  rest of the house?  White-washing maybe?  It's just so wrong.

Thank you for your help,


Hi Becki,

Egads, it's happened to me too!  One thing you can do is whitewash over the surface (1/2 latex paint, 1/2 water) to tone down the deep color.  Another option is to sponge or rag roll your other two colors (white and green) over the purple (remembering that the last color you put on is the color you will see most of).  I'd probably opt for the latter, keeping some of that purple paint handy.  Even though it's now a base coat, I'd sponge/rag on then immediately wipe off the green, then the white.  You can always add more color in this process.  It's a win-win situation.  

Congrats on using vibrant color!  You're one of my stars as a result, and now you've proven what I've always's only paint.

Thanks for writing.

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