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Hello Jean,
I live in an apartment which has typical wood floors and white walls.  I am trying to do some matching of items and want some advice.  In my bedroom, I have chocolate colored furniture and want some color to brighten it up a little.  Is there a color that would go well with chocolate besides white?  I was thinking of painting one wall instead of the whole room...what do you think.  How about for window coverings?

In the living room, I have a creme/light beige colored leather couch with a chocolate colored kitchen table in the same room.  The walls are white here too withthe same wood floors.  I am trying to find a nice chair to place in the room but am stuck on what kind of chair and color to purchase.  The same goes for the window coverings.  Any advice you can procide is much appreciated since I am the typical guy and unsure what to do.



Bedroom: Suggested to choose a light color possibly in your bedding or surrounding objects that are nice light colors and could be used as a main focus and color derived.

Living Room :

The same pick a focus a nice picture or artwork and choose the color from there or go for nice beige or tan color with a red color chair for punnch.

As for the window treatments choose nice matching color of either furniture or bedding to match.


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