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We just bought a house and it has a very open floorplan with high ceilings..As we don't have a lot of furniture yet, I'm having a hard time choosing paint colors and accent colors.. I do not want to go with white as it is too boring.. can you please help with the following:
1. A good base color for the house which can later be matched with various accent paint colors?
2. We have a kitchen opening in Family. Our kitchen cabinets are cherry brown and with Emerald pearl granite. What color backslash tiles would go ?
3. My family room couch is create a transitional look, what color should i get on the walls? will an accent wall look nice? if yes, what color would work?family/kitchen

Hi Ambica,

See With cherry brown cabinets and granite top you may use black and white checkered tiles for the backsplash.

and with beige couch try maroon walls...well whether an accent wall will look  good or no will depend on the design of your room so you'll be the best judge for that however if you suppose it would turn out good then an accent wall of vanilla wood will look good.

for your kitchen, color the walls in dark cream and put some lampshades on the walls. It will look good.

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