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I am at a loss at what colors to paint my kitchen/living room areas.  I have a small town home, total square footage of 1095.  I'm guessing the down stairs is around 500 sf, this area includes the kitchen, small dining area and living room.  I have khaki furniture and would like to go with neutral colors that compliment my furniture.  I would like to paint the kitchen one color and the living room another to divide the space.  I'm planning on putting my home on the market within the year so I also need colors that appeal to the majority.  I want to pick the correct colors now so I do not have to repaint later.  What colors would you suggest?


Hi Shannon

As you already have khaki as a colour in your furniture, you could use that as the inspiration for your decor.

Look at the paint selection here:

Let's say for example that Celtic Moor 3 is the nearest shade to that of your furniture.  I would then suggest you choose from that line of colours with the exact choice being based upon how much colour you like and how small/dark/light your space is.  Go for Celtic Moor 6 if you want to be as light and neutral as possible but still keep the tone that matches your furniture.

Personally, I would maybe go for Celtic Moor 6 for three of the walls and Celtic Moor 2 for a feature wall/fireplace or alcove which always adds a bit interest to a room which otherwise could turn out a bit bland.

If you look at a colour wheel:

you will see that green is directly opposite orange and that would be my suggestion if you are looking for something to liven it all up a bit.  With thoughts of moving, I wouldn't suggest you paint anything orange but a few cushions or pillows on the sofa and a rug or two in orange would really lift the colour scheme.

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