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I am about to re-decorate a home and am having difficulty coordinating the colours in three adjoining rooms. The kitchenis 12/13 ft and has a window facing east. As such it gathers the early morning sun and is very cheery. Towards evening it gathers the reflection from the adjacent house, again rendering the room fairly bright. At present I am considering two colours for this room--a mid shade of blue or a muted grain colour. When I place paint chips of the respective colours next to the cupboard and to the trim, both colurs seem to bring out the richnes of the walnut wood. My current plan is to use a Georgian brick tone in the dining room (6x10) which faces north and can be seen through an opening in the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The Georgian brick tone again brings out the richness of the walnut found in the window trim. The sunken living roonm )18x20) is situated next to the dining room divided only by a wall made of spindles, 42 inches in height. This room, like the dining room face north. Although both of these room have large windows (the one in the dining room approximately 6 feet wide, and the one in the living room approximately 10 feet side)  they both generally require artificial light ing, except for the early morning hours. The main problem I have is how to reconcile my kitchen colour scheme (shoud I opt for the blue, my gut choice, or the wheat colours so as to address the relatively small size of the room) with the colours I  am considering for the dining and living room. s

A further question relates to the material selection and colour I shoud choose for my kitchen floor, given the colours which I intend to put on the wall. The The adjoining dining room and living room both feature oak flooring. I have considered three materials for the kitchen--corld wood and viny. Of these choice, only viny seem to present the most choice of colour. What I am in a quandy about is whether I should take the colour of the flooring tin the adjacent rooms (goldenwheat oak) aand the dark tawwny  walnut  colour of the cabinet snd windows trim as my reference point or should I try to harmonize my floor (mateial and colour) withe the colour I eventually choose for the kitchen walls.

I would appreciate prompt respone, for which I would like to thank you in advance.

Thanks for writing and for your questions.  I'd opt for the blue in the kitchen.  It will enliven the space much more than a muted earthtone.  As for your floors, consider using the same throughout the three rooms.  This will "visually" enlarge the space.  If you have wood in two of the three spaces, add wood to the third.  Vinyl is durable, and does come in many patterns/shades and colors, but it does not have the warmth and appeal of wood.  Color and pattern should be added in your accessories, not your floors.

Hope this helps and that I was speedy enough!  

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