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Hello again and thank you for your quick response, I was considering both of those colors but still get nervous with painting. I shouldn't because it can be done all over....shhh, don't tell my husband that. Ok, so I have another quick that you gave me an exact color to view with the taupe from glidden....thank you! Do you have a name or brand of paint for the moss or celery? I tried to paint my hall bath with a similiar green and it ended up looking like a mint green which isn't what I'm going for thus, I thought I would ask to make sure.
Also, great advice on the's not exacting priceless but it is beautiful, we happen to have another bedroom of family antiques (our quest room which I plan on painting one of those colors as well) and will display on the wall in there. Thanks again Jenny and have a great day!

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Hello, my name is Jennifer Terry and need some assistance in choosing a color for my master bedroom. First let me tell you my decorating style is normally contemporary and maybe even a bit eclectic. BUT, our master bedroom is a bit different because we were given family furniture and they are beautiful antiques. All dark wood, carved headboard and dresser with marble top to the dresser?  Not sure what stone the top of the dresser is. We also have an antique wardrobe that doesn't match the set but goes very nicely. We recently had a friend offer to put up some crown molding, how nice! It looks great and is painted a glossy bright white. I love earth tone colors usually and want to be able to change the look of the room by changing the bed clothes. I currently have a wedding ring quilt on the bed with colors of greens, pink and cremes. I also use a rich olive green velvet duvet in the winter months. Not so sure about the wedding ring quilt so that is one question for you? Should I be using a solid bed set instead of a pattern with this antique furniture? What wall color should I go for in this room?  Again, I want to be able to change the bedding and want a warm, nature cozy feeling. Do you have any suggestions for me? Pretty please and thank you so very much for you time! Oh, almost forgot,there are two windows in this room, plenty of light and there is also a bathroom in which I recently got a bug to paint and painted it a wild lilac color.....yikes! I should have decided to paint the bedroom first. Perhaps your recommendation could flow with this color as well. It's not a purple as you may think but a light plum color. THANK YOU!!!!!! Would it help to send you a photo?
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I have a couple of suggestions about wall color - you can select your favorite.  First of all, a pale, celery green or even a medium shade of moss green would be terrific for the walls.  If "light" isn't a problem, and it sounds as if it is not, then I'd recommend the darker of the two shades.  The second option is a taupe - Glidden's Toasty Grey - which is a greyed down version of taupe.  It's my favorite, and I've plastered the world with it as a neutral.  It coordinates with virtually any color and is an excellent neutral backdrop for those of us who like to "change things up" a bit.

The quilt is obviously a priceless heirloom.  Rather than using it on the bed, I'd probably use a quilt rack (something dark and old looking).  That keeps you less country and more ecclectic.  

Green or taupe goes great with the color you describe your bath is done in.  Best of luck,


Check the Ralph Lauren "Sage".  Glidden also has a full color range of sage, celery and moss shades (color names escape me at the moment and I'm on my laptop...).  When looking through the green color samples, edge over toward the brown side of the palette.  The sages and celeries have more yellow in them and a touch of black.


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