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Hi Cindy,
My husband purchased a new set of furniture for me for mother's day. My family room is quite small, and the carpet is already a fairly dark mixture of several dark colors. The furniture he picked out is of a cloth-like material (dark-green).(Hard to tell you the exact color, but it is somewhere on the darker side of Hunter's green. Please help.
Thank in advance.

Dear Janet,

Normally I would advise choosing the lightest of the carpet's dark colors for the wall paint.  If that color is still too dark I would choose a white with a hue drawn from either the carpet (preferable) or the couch.  Stick with that color for your trim and the ceiling (you don't want the room to look smaller by breaking up the wall space).  I would also advise that your curtains or draperies be the same color as your wall.  If it has print make sure it's a small print.

Choosing colors from your carpet add different colors for accessories and pillows.  When you place the pillows on the couch have the corners point up; it reinforces the illusion of height.  Also make sure there is no unnecessary furniture in the family room and have as many pieces serve double-duty as possible ie. an ottoman can be a coffee table, etc

As always good luck with your decorating and enjoy your new furniture,


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